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Magic Sofa Covers : Slip Covers for your sofa

Magic Sofa Covers : Slip Covers for your sofa

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Make your old sofa look like new !

Stretchy Spandex Material

Made with highly stretchy and soft material which fits and conforms to your sofa’s shape, making it the most suitable cover for most types of sofas or couches. 

Naturally dyed with no color shading or fading done.

Protect your sofas from pet hair, kids and dust!

Effectively covers and protects your furniture from dust, stains, scratches, footprints, and every day wear and tear while offering a fresh look.

Useful when you have kids and pets at home who can mess your sofa’s look. 

It's great for families with kids, cats and dogs.

Beautiful designs offering complete protection and a beautiful look!

You can easily revamp your old and boring-looking sofa as this cover’s modern style will give your sofa a totally new look to freshen up your sofa and living room. 

These four-season sofa covers with a variety of exquisite designs and color add elegance to your home decor and instantly brightens up your old furniture. 

Easy to use and machine washable!

Not only will this sofa cover protect your sofa from accidental dirt like biscuit crumbs and daily wear and tear, but also it is very easy to clean, saving you much effort. Just machine wash, dry, and use again!

The material of the cover is stretchable.

If you're doubtful about the size, we recommend opting for one size up because the extra fabric can always be tucked and adjusted underneath the sofa.
Please note: These covers do not fit on recliner-style sofas.

Give a new life to your old sofas!

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