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Water Proof Non-Slip Mat Roll for Kitchen, Fridge and draws (30*300 CM Roll)

Water Proof Non-Slip Mat Roll for Kitchen, Fridge and draws (30*300 CM Roll)

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Ready to make your kitchen cabinets and drawers more organized and tidy?

Meet the Anti-Slip Drawer Mat, your kitchen's new BFF! Crafted from food-grade EVA, it's tough on stains, moisture, and odors. This mat is a superhero for your cabinets, fridges, and more.

It's non-stick, durable, and a breeze to clean. Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to a fresher, more organized drawer!


Anti-Slip: Our Anti-Slip Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Shelf Mat is designed with a textured surface and a good grip to ensure it won’t slip or move.

Waterproof & Moisture-Proof: This product is made from a moisture-proof and waterproof material, making it perfect for use in the kitchen.

Easy to Clean: The mat is made from a durable and non-stick material, making it easy to clean and maintain.

BPA-free: It is made with a BPA-free, anti-bacterial, food-grade EVA material.

Long Lasting: It is super Durable and non-stick.


1. Measure the size of the drawer or shelf you wish to cover.

2. Cut the Anti-Slip Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Shelf Mat to the desired size.

3. Place the mat in the drawer or shelf and ensure that it is securely in place.

4.  Enjoy the anti-slip protection and moisture-proof benefits of the mat.


Q1: Can I use these for my refrigerator shelves?

A1: Yes, these are versatile and can be used in your refrigerator to prevent items from moving and protect your shelves.

Q2: Does it have a strong chemical smell?

A2: No, these sheets are odorless and do not have a strong chemical smell, ensuring they won't affect the freshness of your stored items.

Q3: Are these mats easy to remove without leaving a residue behind?

A3: Yes, they are designed to be easily removable without leaving any sticky residue on your cabinets or shelves.

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